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winson-yeung11Hey, my name is Winson Yeung!
And I Can Generate Sales for YOU!

My list has produced hundreds of sales and thousands of fresh, responsive and action-taking leads for Internet Marketers, Network Marketers and Other Smart Online Business Owners who keep coming back every single month to grow their online businesses.

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So Winson…

“Why Should I Grab Your Traffic Today?”

Look, I’m also a solo ads buyer just like you… (I spend thousands of dollars buying traffic monthly)

I understand how hard it is to find a reliable traffic source these days…

And I understand that You Want Result! – just like me :)

And here are the reasons why you should order from me

Reason #1 - You will get Responsive & Fresh Leads

My list is constantly refreshed with new subscribers daily. As mention, I spend thousands of dollar on traffic every month and I’m getting hundreds of fresh leads added to my account every day.

This ensures that my list has the HIGHEST quality of subscribers, so you’d be assured that your offer is seen by the most responsive subscribers out there.

Here’s a screenshot of one of my aweber account.

Fresh Subscribers Added Daily!

Fresh Subscribers Added Daily!

Reason #2 – Have a Peace of Mind

Your Solo Ad will be sent out to my lists only, NO exit-pops, NO Traffic Exchanges, NO Safelists, NO reselling of clicks. You will be assure that you will be getting QUALITY Traffic from my email list only.

Reason #3 - You will get Better Leads from English Speaking Countries!

Do you know the average solo-ads industry standard is 70% Tier 1 countries?

But I like to over-delivery! That’s why you will get at least 80% tier 1 from countries such as United States, New Zealand, Canada, United Kingdom, Singapore and Australia!

These are English-Speaking Developed Countries – This mean that these people have more SPENDING POWER and higher chance to buy your offer and making your sales! So will you!

Guarantee 80% Tier 1 from my traffic

Guarantee 80% Tier 1 from my traffic

Reason #4 – You will get More Sales from My Buyer List!

As you know, beside a solo ads seller. I’m also a product creator where I sell my own product whenever I buy traffic online. This means that my list are filled with BUYERS. Have you heard of this phase “A buyer is a buyer is a buyer”.

Base on statistic, a buyer will stay as a buyer and more likely to buy again! That’s why my customers are getting tons of sales!

Reason #5 - You won’t have to worry about getting scammed by Bot Traffic

In September 2014, Paul De Sousa uncovered a Massive Syndicate of Bot Traffic, below is a short story.

Massive Scam Uncovered

Massive Scam Uncovered

Bot traffic is real!

If you are not careful, you might be buying bot traffic that look like a real solo ads traffic. BUT they won’t generate your any sales and it will only waste your money .

Worst scenario , you might get your Auto-Responder account BANNED because of fake subscriber! Beware!

That’s why you can have a peace of mind if you order my solo ads because I deliver 100% Real Human Traffic from my list.

Human who open my email and click on the links to reach your offer!

Reason #6 – I Care About You!

I want to see that you’re satisfied!
I want to see that you’re getting results and sales!
I want to see that you’re making more money from my traffic!

Because my main goal is to build a long term business relationships and help you make more money.

Heartfelt Thanks From Chris Mollo

Heartfelt Thanks From Chris Mollo

So you will come back for more!

That’s why I’m going an extra length to make sure you are satisfied!

Just contact me anytime if you have any question before, during or after the solo.

Reason #7 – Approved  SoloAdsX Seller

The “Badge of Approval” said it all :) 


1 Sales – Fantastic Delivery!

Taweesak Jouchounchom


2 Sales – Will Come Back For More!

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$50 Sales - Almost Paid For The Entire Solo!


7 Sales From 200 Clicks – Juicy And Hot Traffic!

Alvin Neo

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Note: Send me a Facebook PM if you’re looking for 100% Tier 1 Traffic @ $0.85 CPC Only

Niche Accepted: IM with unique funnels, Anything related to Make Money Online,
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Look What Customers Are Saying:

Great Service – Second Round With Winson

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Winson’s Traffic Is Awesome!

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After You Place The Order…

When you place your order for any solo ad package, you will see the instructions on what you need to do next. If you don’t receive these instructions (after the PayPal purchase),  Message me on facebook or email me at support[@] . In the email please specify the PayPal email address you used for the purchase and your link where you want the traffic to be sent.


  Let me help you generate high quality leads to build your list or promote your offer.

  Best Regards,
Winson Yeung

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I reserve the right to refuse and refund your order if I feel your offer is not well suited for my list.

You must have a one time offer after your squeeze page, I will not accept “turner funnels” (or a squeeze -> another squeeze).


I CANNOT determine the results you will receive with your solo ad. It is up to you to have a good converting offer and sales funnel. And it is up to you to know how well your squeeze page converts. The Only Thing I can guarantee is the number of clicks purchased will be delivered to your website URL.

*Refunds will only be granted if the number of clicks ordered are not delivered*
*No refunds will be given if the number of clicks ordered has been delivered*

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